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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

Basic Compliance Requirements For Carriage Companies

Andre Butler

Horse-drawn carriage companies offer a fun, simple entertainment to their customers. The companies may operate year-round in some areas or only for special events. Carriage companies may seem like all fun and games, but they are subjected to rules, regulations, and tests just like any other company. If the carriage companies do not pass all the tests and adhere to the rules set in place by their state, they will be subjected to penalties and could be shut down. This list goes over the basic compliance rules for these type of companies.


In most cities, the horse-drawn carriages can only operate between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The carriages can also operate any hours of the day on the weekend or national holidays. Horse-drawn carriages are not permitted to hold up traffic, delay any buses, shuttles, or other types of public transportation. The city will have certain sidewalks and medians that the carriages are permitted to park by, making it convenient for drivers and pedestrians.


According to state guidelines, every carriage in a city is required to have the company name clearly displayed on the exterior of the carriage. It is recommended that the signs be easy to read from at least 20 feet away. Signs can be removable if the company prefers it, but they must be firmly attached at all times when the company is operating. Carriage companies must have proof of registry with the Secretary of State that their business is in and be prepared to provide law enforcement with that proof at any time.


The drivers for the company must meet certain guidelines as well. The law states that no driver can be under the age of 18. They must also be legally registered with the proper state office, which can be provided by local law enforcement or city officials.


The health of the horses is the first and foremost responsibility of any carriage company. Every single horse that is used for the company must be registered with the city. The registration process requires a brand inspection for each horse that is up to date and states the horse is in good health. Each year, a certification from a veterinarian stating that the horse is serviceably sound must be submitted to the city. The horses also require vaccinations on a timely basis. Horses that aren't healthy cannot be used by the carriage company for any reason.

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