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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

PTO Events: What To Rent When Hosting A Family Movie Night In The Park

Andre Butler

If you are in charge of a parent-teacher organization (PTO) and are looking for a way to bring the community together and attract more parents, consider hosting a movie night in your local park! Hosting seasonally-based movie nights on a regular basis can be a great way to raise funds for your PTO. All it takes is making a selection of a children's movie, a few party rentals from a company like Ken Rent, and spreading the word through the school and to the entire community. Here is a list of the party rentals you'll need. 


While it may seem ideal to host your movie night under the stars, showing the movie under a tent will allow the show to go on even if rain is in the forecast. You'll want a large tent to show the movie under and a smaller tent or two for concessions and tickets, as well as an area to display information about the PTO and any sign-up sheets for parent participation you need for future events. 

Audio-Visual Equipment

A projector, a large screen, and speakers will be necessary to show your movie on. The party rental company can assist you in selecting a projector and screen that will suit your needs of lumens so the screen will be bright enough to see, depending on the various lighting situations in the park, such as if there are any nearby overhead lights. You will also need a media source to plug into the projector, such as a laptop, Blu-ray disc player, or a smartphone. 


Provide seating for your guests under the big top. Seating should be arranged in theater-like fashion, but don't forget to include areas for wheelchair access and strollers for young children. If possible, rent small seats for children and place them in the front so the children who attend will be able to sit together with their friends. Regular-sized seating should be placed towards the back for the older children, parents, and community members. 

Carpeted Runner 

Rent a carpeted runner, preferably in red, to place in the center aisle of your movie theater. While a carpeted runner is not entirely necessary, it simply is an additional touch that will bring your movie theater theme together. A carpeted runner can also help keep the children on task. Parents and PTO members can remind the children to only use the carpet to enter and exit the tent rather than to walk through the tent openings on the sides. 


To increase interest in the event and also increase your fundraising opportunity at the event, provide concessions. Rent one or two popcorn machines, a hot dog cooker, and a snow cone maker so your moviegoers can fulfill their munching desires while watching the movie. You can set prices for the concessions or simply ask for donations per each purchase. Place these concessions under a smaller tent or in the back of the large tent. Also, don't forget to provide garbage receptacles so moviegoers can throw away their trash. 

Heaters or Coolers 

Depending on the time of year, you may want to rent heaters or coolers to keep your guests comfortable. Since safety of your guests and particularly the children in attendance is your concern, be sure to speak with the party rental company about which heaters or coolers will be the most appropriate for your event. These devices work best when the tent walls are in place to keep the heated or cooled air inside the tent. The systems providing the heat or cold are placed outside of the tent with blowers and vents forcing the heated or cooled air to the inside of the tent.