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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

I have always loved throwing a great party. However, unlike many people, I enjoy planning the parties even more than I do hosting them and mixing and mingling with my guests. While I enjoy decorating and preparing food to serve my guests, my favorite aspect of a party to plan is the entertainment. I have hired DJs, live bands, and even magicians. While many people think that magicians are just for children's parties, I have a favorite magician who never fails to entertain my group of adult friends. I love party planning so much that I decided to create a blog to share my party planning tips on with a focus on party entertainment!


Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

Tips For Using A Studio Space For Your Play Rehearsal

Andre Butler

Theatrical productions are a big deal for the audience, the cast, and the crew. A play can transport someone to another place and time. It is a primary art form that can open hearts and change lives. If you want to put on a play, you will soon find that it is a worthwhile challenge. Finding creative ways to save money along the way can make all the difference. When it's time to start rehearsals for the play, begin by rehearsing scenes and even the entire play in a studio space rental before you move to the theater for rehearsals.

Tip #1: Have an Open Q-and-A Session in the Space

When you are first gathering your cast in the studio space, it's a good idea to have an open conversation with everyone. That way, you can clarify a lot of things without repeating yourself privately when speaking with each actor. Invite actors to ask questions and address any concerns that the cast may have. You can also explain to the actor how you want to utilize the studio space for rehearsals so that you later make a smooth transition to rehearsing in a theater.

Tip #2: Start With Read-Throughs With Movement

The studio space is a great spot to gather all your actors in one place and easily focus on work. Start with a read-through to make sure that the actors are making the appropriate progress with their parts. If any of the actors have an interpretation of their character that doesn't best serve the play, it's good to address it with the read-through before you add the complications of staging the play in the space.

Tip #3: Encourage Experimentation Early in the Rehearsal Period

When you book studio space, you may have more freedom of movement than you'll have when you get to the actual theater for rehearsals. That can help your actors express themselves and more fully inhabit their characters before they need to rain in any choreography or planned movements for the play. You may even have a rehearsal session where you allow full improvisation to empower actors to further explore their characters. That can help them feel better prepared to stick to the script more strictly during the later rehearsals.

Finally, err on the side of caution when booking studio space. Make sure that you allow your actors plenty of time to rehearse every scene. When you put your all into rehearsing the play, it will show in the final performance. Your audience and your cast will thank you for that!