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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

3 Ways To Put Your Horror Vinyl Collection On Display

Andre Butler

Cult horror movies have gained a major following in recent years. Horror movies have some of the most unique soundtracks. More and more people are collecting items from classic horror movies, including the vinyl soundtracks associated with these films.

The cardboard sleeves for these soundtrack records usually depict colorful and highly detailed characters from the film, making them extremely collectible.

If you have a collection of horror vinyl in your home, it's time to put your records on display.

1. Frame Your Record Sleeves

The quality of the artwork on a vinyl record's sleeve makes these items perfect for display as wall art in your home. You can take your horror soundtrack vinyl sleeves to a custom art shop and have them framed.

Choose a frame that complements the overall color palette and theme of the art on the record sleeve. You should consider matting the sleeve to help it look even more high-end.

Once your horror record sleeves are framed, you can create a gallery wall in your home that pays homage to your love of classic horror films.

2. Create Themed Shadow Boxes

Cult horror classics have many collectible items associated with them. A collector can invest in action figures, trading cards, and movie posters from their favorite horror films. You can use your horror record sleeves as the backdrop to a themed shadow box.

Place the sleeve at the rear of the shadow box, then arrange any other collectible items from the same movie inside the box. You can then hand the shadow box on your wall to create unique art for your home.

Using the cardboard sleeves from your horror vinyl collection in shadow boxes provides you with a unique way to display your collection.

3. Create a Display Rack

Another inventive way to display your horror vinyl collection is to create a customized display rack. A wire or wooden rack with vertical display ledges will allow you to stand your favorite horror records up so they are visible.

You can use the rack to organize and contain the rest of your collection as well, depending on how deep you make your display ledges.

Using a display rack provides a functional way for you to make your vinyl records visible without making them difficult to access when you want to listen to them in the future.

If you invest in a horror vinyl collection, you should invest in a practical way to display each record in your collection.