Tips for Creative Party Entertainment
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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

I have always loved throwing a great party. However, unlike many people, I enjoy planning the parties even more than I do hosting them and mixing and mingling with my guests. While I enjoy decorating and preparing food to serve my guests, my favorite aspect of a party to plan is the entertainment. I have hired DJs, live bands, and even magicians. While many people think that magicians are just for children's parties, I have a favorite magician who never fails to entertain my group of adult friends. I love party planning so much that I decided to create a blog to share my party planning tips on with a focus on party entertainment!


Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

  • What Can Kids Find In Young Adult Mystery Book Series?

    29 November 2022

    There are many different book genres that people of all ages can enjoy. Kids in middle school and high school are the perfect age to read young adult series geared toward readers like them. Among the vast range of topics available, young readers may enjoy the exciting thrills found in the mystery genre. These are four things that kids can find in young adult mystery book series: 1. Relatable Protagonists

  • 3 Events You Can Host At A Beachfront Hotel

    12 August 2022

    When most people think of beachfront hotels, they imagine a place where they can relax and enjoy the sun and waves. Many people don't realize that these hotels can also be the perfect venue for special events. Here are three events you can host at a beachfront hotel.  Birthday Party  Whether you're turning 30 or 50, there's nothing like celebrating your birthday by the water. There's something about the sound of the waves and the feel of sand between your toes that makes birthdays feel extra special.

  • A Fun Way To Tour Your Vacation Destination

    26 May 2022

    A golf cart rental can save you from needing to walk long distances while exploring your vacation destination. You and your companions can safely be transported along paved and unpaved surfaces so you can have the opportunity to visit many venues that are featured at your travel destination. Rental Vehicles Some golf carts come equipped with multiple rows of seating. A canopy, headlamps, and taillights will keep your ride comfortable and compliant while you are touring various points of interest.

  • 4 Fun Facts About Diving With Manta Rays

    28 March 2022

    The ocean includes a lot of natural wonders, and diving trips can get you up close and personal with some unique sea creatures. One specific diving trip you can book is a trip where you dive with manta rays. Manta rays are a very specific type of sea creature that divers have explored and witnessed for multiple generations. Check out some fun facts about the diving trips and a little about what you can expect on your upcoming journey.

  • Three Reasons To Take A Family Trip To An Observation Deck

    8 February 2022

    Large cities offer a seemingly endless variety of family activities that can appeal to you and your children. While it's fun to visit zoos, city parks, and museums, you should also consider what other opportunities are available in any area that you visit. In many cities, you'll find tall buildings that have observation decks on one or more upper floors. For a small fee, you and your children can ride an elevator up to the deck and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city around you.