Tips for Creative Party Entertainment
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Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

I have always loved throwing a great party. However, unlike many people, I enjoy planning the parties even more than I do hosting them and mixing and mingling with my guests. While I enjoy decorating and preparing food to serve my guests, my favorite aspect of a party to plan is the entertainment. I have hired DJs, live bands, and even magicians. While many people think that magicians are just for children's parties, I have a favorite magician who never fails to entertain my group of adult friends. I love party planning so much that I decided to create a blog to share my party planning tips on with a focus on party entertainment!


Tips for Creative Party Entertainment

  • Playing Music At A School Assembly? Here Are Some Points To Remember

    15 November 2017

    If you're a local musician who is always seeking new ways to play in front of crowds, approaching a school and inquiring about performing at an upcoming assembly might be of interest. School assemblies often involve this type of outside entertainment, and it can be a good way for you to entertain the students while also raising your profile — perhaps you offer music lessons or maybe you're hoping to advertise for an upcoming performance that you have in the community.

  • Essential Steps To Follow When Planning A Memorable Sweet Sixteen

    13 November 2017

    Do you want to plan out a memorable sweet sixteen party? Now that you're getting older, you may be excited about bringing all your friends and family together for one special event where you'll get to celebrate your birthday and have a fantastic time. If you want the party to be everything you've always dreamed of, simply follow a few essential steps. Select a Theme Pick a theme for your sweet sixteen party.

  • PTO Events: What To Rent When Hosting A Family Movie Night In The Park

    10 November 2017

    If you are in charge of a parent-teacher organization (PTO) and are looking for a way to bring the community together and attract more parents, consider hosting a movie night in your local park! Hosting seasonally-based movie nights on a regular basis can be a great way to raise funds for your PTO. All it takes is making a selection of a children's movie, a few party rentals from a company like Ken Rent, and spreading the word through the school and to the entire community.

  • Do You See 20/20? Looking Ahead To New Year's Eve, 2020, And Fun Ideas

    8 November 2017

    In a couple of short years, it will be the year 2020. All jokes aside, one could say that this will be the year where everyone sees with perfect clarity. On that note, here are a bunch of ideas on how to throw a New Year's Eve party for 2020: Oversized Gag Glasses Decorated with Green and Gold Glitter Have everyone at your party wear oversized gag eyeglasses with no lenses.

  • What To Do Before You Officially Get Your First Tattoo

    7 November 2017

    Have you thought about getting your first tattoo? You may have a few different design ideas in mind that you'd love to have inked on your body. However, it's important to understand that selecting the right tattoo parlor to go to and selecting the right tattoo artist to complete the work on your body is extremely important. It's the best way to ensure that you'll be satisfied with the finished piece.